Sunday, January 25, 2009


There is nothing better than coming out of the Marriot Center with a win! I have been going to this game for four years now and have never experienced anything put bitter, painful defeat by the hated Cougs. I can't describe just how sweet it was to finally come out on top! It was kind of embarrasing in the first half, as we were getting our trash kicked and the student section was getting louder and louder (mostly whining about each and every call against BYU, no matter how deserved). Much to our excitement, the Rebs finally came out to play in the second half, and the rest is history. Sorry BYU, no more complaining about how "If the MWC tournament was in Provo, we would win it every time, too". Yeah, not so much anymore! Forget that embarrassing Colorado State loss. Our Rebs are back, hopefully to stay.


kylee said...

Alyss.. I love the new blog background and picture! You are beautiful! So, guess what! I was up in Provo on Saturday and I stopped by the mall to say hi.. but I didn't see you.. but I thought of you :) I hope that all is well with you.. it looks like you are having tons of fun! Love ya

Michelle said...

that was the best game ever. i was screaming at the tv like the louiville game. im really sad i didnt get to go to that game but i am going next year