Tuesday, January 20, 2009

time to blog

I feel like I should blog. Except I have absolutely nothing to blog about. Hence, one of my fantastically random posts.
1. Yesterday consisted of CPK for lunch, a stroll around Town Square with the 'rents (in perfect 65 degree weather, I might add... Vegas I miss thee), a short commute from LV to SLC via Southwest, followed up by a birthday dinner for Becca to Carrabas... chicken marsala, you are delightful. I'm spoiled.
2. Can I express how much I despise laundry, yet love it all the same? I hate the fact that it takes hours, if not days to complete. But I love, love, LOVE the smell of freshly clean sheets, shirts, etc. And jeans that fit nicely and aren't stretched out. Perhaps I should try doing it more often, rather than waiting till I have no clean clothes.
3. I'm excited for this week. Why, you ask? Well, dear reader, it's because one of my favorite winter events occurs this week: that glorious time when my Rebels come to me in Provo to take on the much-hated Cougs. Yes, we have gotten pummled here in years past. Yes, we have recently had a rough and disappointing stretch of games. But why can't that turn around tomorrow? Why can't our guys come in and out play BYU? Any given night people... tonight, I'm calling a win.
4. The sun had been shining here in P-Town for a good two weeks. It's been heavenly. Except now I'm scared we'll have the storm of the century roll in for payback or something.
5. I've been watching Grey's Anatomy again, and can I say that McDreamy really isn't all that dreamy? He has a weird nose... look it up. It'll bother you now that I pointed it out. Meredith can look old some times. Izzy and McSteamy are flawless. Have I mentioned how addicting that show is?
6. Today I stickered and folded about 260 pairs of jeans. Thanks Buckle. I need a new job.
7. I said the word "bomb" on the airplane, right in front of a flight attendant! In a bad context, too. I believe my exact words were, "Did they ever find the bomb?" Whoops. Thank goodness we clarified that I was talking about 24, the "they" being Jack Bauer and CTU. That could've been fatal.

I hope everyone has an amazing Tuesday. Go Rebs!

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Amanda said...

Go REBELS!!!! i was watching the game and you were on tv like 5 times it was awesome!!! the game was awesome and just beating them at home was awesome!!! miss ya girl!!