Wednesday, January 14, 2009

making memories

I have much to be grateful for these days. My old phone, previously soaked in water and dead to the world, magically started working again! Just in time, because the one I was using decided to crack itself on the kitchen floor. That's pretty lucky, right? Work has been going very smoothly lately. No drama, no crazy people to deal with. There is a new girl in the back with me and I love her to death, she is hilarious. Just another good turn in life! School is school, not much to say about that. My new computer is rockin and I love to be able to sit on my bed and use it, rather than the uncomfortable desk chair I have. I have fabulous friends that are always there for me. My jeans fit. The sun is out. Life is pretty solid right now!
However, what I am most grateful for right now is the knowledge I have that families are forever. My beloved Grammy passed away yesterday, and I was sad. But at the same time, I was really, truly happy for her. Gram has been without her husband for a really long time, as well as two of her kids and her own parents. I am so excited that she gets to be with them now! I can just imagine her "hoo-hoo", calling her family to greet her at the gates. I can't wait to see her again someday, and I know I will. It makes me sad that some people think this life is the end... that's depressing! It only gets better. I feel fortunate that we were able to spend the holidays with her one last time. I will treasure those last memories forever, but they are just a few of many amazing memories I have of her! That was one of Gram's main mottos, "making memories". Here's to living and appreciating my great life, and making many more memories in the future!


Andrew and Heidi said...

We were sad to hear about your grandma - she was such a neat lady.

Alec and Tiffany said...

We will miss Grammy so much, but we are so excited she has been reunited with Grandpa Bert and her two kids. Are you flying or driving home? And when are you leaving? Can't want to see you lys!

Justin and Michelle said...

Hey Alyssa...I'm sad to hear about your grandma too...I knew she was your grandma, so when she'd come into the pharmacy and I'd see her, I tried to help her the best I could. :) She was such a sweet lady!