Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i heart winter break!

Highlights of my 11 days of winter goodness:
-A lovely Christmas Eve dinner of prime rib and sticky rolls and wassil... yum! And the traditional pajamas, of course.

-Watching old home movies of me as a 2 year-old. I was precious.
-Waking up Christmas morning to find that Santa brought me a new MacBook! Hallelujah... no more broken screen/water-damaged oldie. I was so grateful.

-Watching Boots open her Uggs. She now has a good rep, everyone.

-Of course, breakfast. This year at the Runyons, still good as ever.
-Being able to spend lots of time with Grammy and other family. Meeting cousins that I haven't seen in years. Just catching up with everyone.

-Watching 2 seasons of Project Runway... thanks Bravo, for providing me with marathons.
-WATCHING THE REBS BEAT THE CARDS IN LOUISVILLE!! I really wish someone would've taped our celebration in the basement. We were jumping up and down and yelling and screaming... it was amazing! I loved having the Grensings over, especially a nervous Michelle, who had to take Full House breaks when it was getting intense. So is the life of a coaches wife!

-Seeing old friends and playing on New Years

-Seeing Mystere on New Years Eve! It was so cool.

-Blasting KeKe P everywhere we went
-Ordering a super cute coat from Nordstrom, only to find that it was 1/2 off! Glorious. I love gift cards.
-Playing rock band for hours
-Hanging with Jessi and Kori and Yarm in the wee hours of the night
-Going to yet another friend's wedding reception... actually, it was 2 friends that dated in HS and finally got married, so it was even more fun. And getting to see my other married friends was fun, too. And the photo booth at the reception.

-Going to the T & M for another good rebs game. Almost having a heart attack at said rebs game. Seeing my boys in person after what seemed like forever.

-Seeing 3 good movies
-Doing absolutely nothing most of the time... so rejuvenating.
And most of all, just hanging out with my family! I love being home.


shay said...

I love all the cute pictures! I need to be better at taking pics!

Michelle said...

i love the picture of us together. mystere was so much fun and so were all the games. i still can't believe we won against louiville. that was unbelievable. we were going crazy in the basement that night. we have to get together every road game and hopefully all go to the ncaa tournament together. ill cross my fingers love:aubrey:)