Wednesday, January 7, 2009

crappy weather= no bueno.

Since returning to Provo after winter break, I have realized one of the reasons that my heart is and always will be in that lovely desert oasis we call Las Vegas: the weather. Specifically, the snow. Or lack thereof. It has been snowing literally non-stop since noon yesterday. That's like 36 hours of straight snow, people! The best part? My car most definitely got stuck today. I was halfway out of my parking spot when I discovered I couldn't move forward or backward. So, I was blocking anyone from being able to get into the main stretch of parking. After a good 5 minutes of frustration, a really nice (and really cute) guy got out of his truck and asked me if I needed help. He took the wheel and got me right outta there after a few strategic moves... it really was so nice of him. It even made me feel better after being late for work and everything. However, it is extremely difficult to go from 60 degrees to 1 degree in a matter of hours. Yes, a whopping 1 degree was what greeted me when I arrived at the SLC airport. And thanks to that 1 degree, my car (she has been through a lot lately) was completely dead when I got to it. Even the locks wouldn't work. So I had to trek through the tundra back to the terminal to summon a worker to help me jump it. He was very nice and got it going quickly. Thank goodness for kind strangers... they seem to be popping up a lot in my life lately!

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