Wednesday, January 28, 2009

this guy...

...still gets to me. Yes, the ponytail does nothing for his rabbit-like face. I'm perfectly okay with it. LOU IS THE MAN.

It's official, ladies and gentlemen: The way to get to me is by going from a Rebs uniform to a Suns uniform. I mean, just look at that silky mane! So dreamy. You may say he looks like a creeper, but I disagree. He captured my heart when I was 16, and it seems he still has it! I heart Lou.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


There is nothing better than coming out of the Marriot Center with a win! I have been going to this game for four years now and have never experienced anything put bitter, painful defeat by the hated Cougs. I can't describe just how sweet it was to finally come out on top! It was kind of embarrasing in the first half, as we were getting our trash kicked and the student section was getting louder and louder (mostly whining about each and every call against BYU, no matter how deserved). Much to our excitement, the Rebs finally came out to play in the second half, and the rest is history. Sorry BYU, no more complaining about how "If the MWC tournament was in Provo, we would win it every time, too". Yeah, not so much anymore! Forget that embarrassing Colorado State loss. Our Rebs are back, hopefully to stay.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

time to blog

I feel like I should blog. Except I have absolutely nothing to blog about. Hence, one of my fantastically random posts.
1. Yesterday consisted of CPK for lunch, a stroll around Town Square with the 'rents (in perfect 65 degree weather, I might add... Vegas I miss thee), a short commute from LV to SLC via Southwest, followed up by a birthday dinner for Becca to Carrabas... chicken marsala, you are delightful. I'm spoiled.
2. Can I express how much I despise laundry, yet love it all the same? I hate the fact that it takes hours, if not days to complete. But I love, love, LOVE the smell of freshly clean sheets, shirts, etc. And jeans that fit nicely and aren't stretched out. Perhaps I should try doing it more often, rather than waiting till I have no clean clothes.
3. I'm excited for this week. Why, you ask? Well, dear reader, it's because one of my favorite winter events occurs this week: that glorious time when my Rebels come to me in Provo to take on the much-hated Cougs. Yes, we have gotten pummled here in years past. Yes, we have recently had a rough and disappointing stretch of games. But why can't that turn around tomorrow? Why can't our guys come in and out play BYU? Any given night people... tonight, I'm calling a win.
4. The sun had been shining here in P-Town for a good two weeks. It's been heavenly. Except now I'm scared we'll have the storm of the century roll in for payback or something.
5. I've been watching Grey's Anatomy again, and can I say that McDreamy really isn't all that dreamy? He has a weird nose... look it up. It'll bother you now that I pointed it out. Meredith can look old some times. Izzy and McSteamy are flawless. Have I mentioned how addicting that show is?
6. Today I stickered and folded about 260 pairs of jeans. Thanks Buckle. I need a new job.
7. I said the word "bomb" on the airplane, right in front of a flight attendant! In a bad context, too. I believe my exact words were, "Did they ever find the bomb?" Whoops. Thank goodness we clarified that I was talking about 24, the "they" being Jack Bauer and CTU. That could've been fatal.

I hope everyone has an amazing Tuesday. Go Rebs!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

making memories

I have much to be grateful for these days. My old phone, previously soaked in water and dead to the world, magically started working again! Just in time, because the one I was using decided to crack itself on the kitchen floor. That's pretty lucky, right? Work has been going very smoothly lately. No drama, no crazy people to deal with. There is a new girl in the back with me and I love her to death, she is hilarious. Just another good turn in life! School is school, not much to say about that. My new computer is rockin and I love to be able to sit on my bed and use it, rather than the uncomfortable desk chair I have. I have fabulous friends that are always there for me. My jeans fit. The sun is out. Life is pretty solid right now!
However, what I am most grateful for right now is the knowledge I have that families are forever. My beloved Grammy passed away yesterday, and I was sad. But at the same time, I was really, truly happy for her. Gram has been without her husband for a really long time, as well as two of her kids and her own parents. I am so excited that she gets to be with them now! I can just imagine her "hoo-hoo", calling her family to greet her at the gates. I can't wait to see her again someday, and I know I will. It makes me sad that some people think this life is the end... that's depressing! It only gets better. I feel fortunate that we were able to spend the holidays with her one last time. I will treasure those last memories forever, but they are just a few of many amazing memories I have of her! That was one of Gram's main mottos, "making memories". Here's to living and appreciating my great life, and making many more memories in the future!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i heart winter break!

Highlights of my 11 days of winter goodness:
-A lovely Christmas Eve dinner of prime rib and sticky rolls and wassil... yum! And the traditional pajamas, of course.

-Watching old home movies of me as a 2 year-old. I was precious.
-Waking up Christmas morning to find that Santa brought me a new MacBook! Hallelujah... no more broken screen/water-damaged oldie. I was so grateful.

-Watching Boots open her Uggs. She now has a good rep, everyone.

-Of course, breakfast. This year at the Runyons, still good as ever.
-Being able to spend lots of time with Grammy and other family. Meeting cousins that I haven't seen in years. Just catching up with everyone.

-Watching 2 seasons of Project Runway... thanks Bravo, for providing me with marathons.
-WATCHING THE REBS BEAT THE CARDS IN LOUISVILLE!! I really wish someone would've taped our celebration in the basement. We were jumping up and down and yelling and screaming... it was amazing! I loved having the Grensings over, especially a nervous Michelle, who had to take Full House breaks when it was getting intense. So is the life of a coaches wife!

-Seeing old friends and playing on New Years

-Seeing Mystere on New Years Eve! It was so cool.

-Blasting KeKe P everywhere we went
-Ordering a super cute coat from Nordstrom, only to find that it was 1/2 off! Glorious. I love gift cards.
-Playing rock band for hours
-Hanging with Jessi and Kori and Yarm in the wee hours of the night
-Going to yet another friend's wedding reception... actually, it was 2 friends that dated in HS and finally got married, so it was even more fun. And getting to see my other married friends was fun, too. And the photo booth at the reception.

-Going to the T & M for another good rebs game. Almost having a heart attack at said rebs game. Seeing my boys in person after what seemed like forever.

-Seeing 3 good movies
-Doing absolutely nothing most of the time... so rejuvenating.
And most of all, just hanging out with my family! I love being home.

crappy weather= no bueno.

Since returning to Provo after winter break, I have realized one of the reasons that my heart is and always will be in that lovely desert oasis we call Las Vegas: the weather. Specifically, the snow. Or lack thereof. It has been snowing literally non-stop since noon yesterday. That's like 36 hours of straight snow, people! The best part? My car most definitely got stuck today. I was halfway out of my parking spot when I discovered I couldn't move forward or backward. So, I was blocking anyone from being able to get into the main stretch of parking. After a good 5 minutes of frustration, a really nice (and really cute) guy got out of his truck and asked me if I needed help. He took the wheel and got me right outta there after a few strategic moves... it really was so nice of him. It even made me feel better after being late for work and everything. However, it is extremely difficult to go from 60 degrees to 1 degree in a matter of hours. Yes, a whopping 1 degree was what greeted me when I arrived at the SLC airport. And thanks to that 1 degree, my car (she has been through a lot lately) was completely dead when I got to it. Even the locks wouldn't work. So I had to trek through the tundra back to the terminal to summon a worker to help me jump it. He was very nice and got it going quickly. Thank goodness for kind strangers... they seem to be popping up a lot in my life lately!