Friday, December 5, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Title courtesy of my favorite non-traditional christmas song! Me and my mom both agree that the 'Nsync christmas CD is one of the best out there... I highly recommend it. Sorry that I go a little picture crazy on some of these posts, I just love pictures. They bring back such good memories! Anyways, I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! Seriously. I look forward to being able to listen to christmas music, decorate the tree, see all the lights around town, and even being able to light my fabulous smelling christmas candle! Oh how sweet it is. This Christmas season will be a little weird because I won't be able to go home until Christmas Eve, being as I have to work. I miss seeing my house all lit up and helping my mom decorate. My favorite part about our Christmas decorations at home are our stockings. I don't know if you can see them in any of the pictures, but they are all homemade by my mom and grandma and each one is different and unique. We've had them since we were born and it warms my heart every time we get them out and hang them up! I'm also seriously looking forward to Christmas Eve dinner (prime rib... YUM) and Christmas morning breakfast at Gram's (strawberry waffles... YUM YUM!). Yes it's true, I'm such a Leavitt, looking forward more to the food than the presents! I will miss my cousin Jakey this year at breakfast, but I'm sure he will have a great christmas with the Ecuadorians. I'm excited pick out gifts for my family, but I really cannot think of anything to ask for this year. I'm pretty much set! I just love everything about this season because I actually enjoy focusing on everyone else rather than myself. I can't wait to serve others around me and make their holidays just as good as mine. I'm looking forward to giving my roomates their presents and putting a smile on their faces. I just love this time of year. I hope everyones season is fantastic and that we don't forget the true meaning of these holidays! Enjoy them while they are around :)


kylee said...

oh my cute pictures!

gramtogo said...

I loved the pictures, Lyssa. And I always enjoy your blog. You have such a great attitude about life. You just love being alive and enjoy everything. I love it.
Chris is here with me for a couple of days and she has all my Christmas up. It looks great and I am enjoying it so much.

Am looking forward to Christmas morning. My favorite day.

Talk to you later, Love ya' lots.,

shay said...

I would have to agree with you the 'N Sync Christmas album is the best of their albums...although I love them all, I think I have a dance party to their music at least once a week hahaha! We take a picture of all of us in our pajamas on Christmas also...they are my favorite pictures!