Monday, December 22, 2008

a few of my favorite things...

I heard this song from The Sound of Music on the radio today. I always wondered why it was considered a christmas song? Anyways, inspiration struck, and now I present to you a few of my favorite things!
-Being able to stay inside and enjoy the snow, wrapped up in a warm blanket
-Having Becca's covered parking spot while she is gone... no scraping!
-The smell of a real Christmas tree
-A Rebel victory (even sweeter over Arizona)
-My HD computer moniter and free online episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Friday Night Lights
-Ugg Boots. You may say out of style, I say save my life in the snow on a daily basis.
-My little sister Hannah. She called me today and said "Lyssie, I have a great idea. Why don't you just come home today?" I told her I wish I could, but I had to work for two more days. Then she said, "I hate your work." Me too, Boots.
-My quote book
-The smell of laundry
-My new green plaid flannel shirt from Urban. I want to wear it every day!
-Pretend diamond earrings from Nords... gotta have a little bling
-The new Taylor Swift album. My friend told me I was lame because Taylor Swift is for middle school girls. Too bad, I will always love Taylor.
-Pictures. More specifically, pictures that bring good memories with them.
-Stila eye shadow in any brown
-Victoria's PINK pants. I live in them.
-My blanket Grammy made for me for graduation. It has all my old tshirts from high school and even some pictures on it. I uses it every single day
-Hoodies. Any kind will do.
And last but not least...
-My friends. More specifically, Jackie, Courtney, Becca, Ally and Brittany. We had our little Christmas the other night, and it was so fun. They are the best and I love them SO SO much.

P.S. Please look at these adorable aprons my Grandma Dixon made for my friends. Cute huh?

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Andrew Dixon said...

Dang it. I was hoping I'd be on that list. Oh well. I should know better.