Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Big 2-1

Happy Birthday to my bestest friend Samantha Dawn! Also known as ham ham, hambino, sammy doo, and beeef jerky (to a select few). I just love this girl with all my heart and I can't believe she is 21! Now you can actually go clubbing like we've always talked about... hit em up for me. Anyways, here's 21 things I love about my Sammy:
1. She is accepting of everyone
2. She's not ashamed or afraid to be herself, no matter what
3. She's always up for a fat day with me!
4. White Wine Spritzer (which I indulged in tonight to celebrate)
5. Her random knowledge of every movie ever made... including the most randoms
6. Her appreciation of Kim Fuller films ("I don't know, but whatever it is it feels great. That I could be the one...")
7. She knows every lyric to every song... seriously even all the oldies!
8. The fact that she didn't get her license till like senior year... we had to bond because I had to give her rides all the time!
9. Being volleyball groupies together all through high school
10. Peacing out on broadcasting senior year to get sausage egg mcmuffins... in her moms car... when she didn't have her license
11. She's not afraid to speak her mind to anyone... even if it requires standing on a table in the middle of the quad and calling people out haha
12. She is extremely loyal
13. She's the only person that I can just call up and talk to on the phone... I HATE talking on the phone but with Sam I can talk for hours and not even notice
14. Carmines at 2 in the AM... always down
15. That she shares my love for Rebs! JD45 anyone?
16. Her passion for all things Chicago. Bears Bulls Cubs (next year...), even Chicago Dogs from Weinerschnitzel
17. Speaking of Weinershnitzel, she's my only friend that enjoys it with me!
18. The fact that we've known each other since 6th grade... she saw me in the prime of my awkward phase and is still friends with me! "Go get yourself a treat"- Ms. Patenaude
19. We did this incredible science project in 8th grade that required a 6 ft by 6 ft display board and it was incredible. And our science teacher hated us and didn't put us in the Expo for reasons still unknown. OCD OCD is a big big problem!
20. Amp it up... enough said.
21. She is the only person I know who owns and rocks red sequined chucks and gold knee high lace up shoes on a daily basis.

I really could go on for forever. I love my hambo! I don't know what I would do without her. HAPPY 21ST SAMMY DOO!

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SAMMY DOO said...

thank you dear friend i love you so much!!