Sunday, October 26, 2008

sista friend.

This is my sister Jessica. She is really pretty. Besides that, she came up to Provo this weekend and hung out with me for a little bit and it was SO fun. We watched UNLV ALMOST beat the coogs, we ate lots and lots of food, and we hung out with some of my old Vegas friends who were quite surprised to see little Jessi all grown up. One of my friends even secretly tried to hit on her... don't worry I sent him packing! Here are some reasons why I love Jessi:
-She lets me hang out with her when I come home
-She lets me borrow her clothes... well after the fact that I already am wearing them... whoops
-She sometimes shares her giant bed with me (after all, it was mine before it was hers!)
-She has really pretty hair
-She is extremely spoiled but I don't care because it usually benefits me!
-We had to share a room from basically birth to halfway through my freshman year of HS and we didn't kill each other! We did come close tho...
-She acts very angelic but when we're alone she does some really strange/hilarious things (kitty katty anyone??)
-We have lots of inside jokes where we just say one word and laugh at each other
-She supports me in everything
-Everyone says we look alike and even though I don't see it, I take it as a compliment because Jessica is gorgeous
-She's ridiculously smart and always gets good grades and makes me feel dumb... but I still love her for that!
-She shares in my passion for rebs and we have had many good times sitting together in the front row three... and at rebs trips that turn out to be really amazing and beneficial to our lives
-We didn't fight ONCE during two weeks in Australia! Amazing!
-She has a really big heart and is friends with everyone, even people that don't have a lot of friends
-Even though she cons Boots into writing blogs about her, we both know that I am the favorite daughter in the family!

Pretty much I just love my little sister! She is the best and I miss hanging out with her all the time and I really hopes she chooses to come to this WONDERFUL place we call P-Town for college!


Heather said...

how fun!! Sometimes i think sisters are the best friends because no matter what, they have to love you!! I do think you guys look alike

Yase said...

Oh my goodness!!!! A dream come true! My daughters actually get along and like each other!!! This is every mother's dream, especially when you hear the two of them about to kill each other over a simple shirt!!! Love you, Mom

Yase said...

why doesnt anybody blog about me?!!?!?!?!?!?
it would be AMAZING if somebody actually loved me...
P.S. that would be a GREAT b-day present!!!!!!

Keith A. Runyon said...

That's a nice picture of you and Jessica...Very brave of you both to wear red inside the stadium.