Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gary's Texaco

Me and Ally were on our way back from Vegas this weekend when the car suddenly got really loud and the road really bumpy. We pulled over to the side and realized that her driver's side front tire had completely blown out... like torn to shreds. We had no idea what happened and were basically in the middle of nowhere between St. George and Cedar City. I called AAA, but the dumb lady on the phone couldn't figure out where I-15 was... seriously. Luckily, a couple guys stopped and helped us change the tire, and so we rolled into Cedar on the thinnest donut i've ever seen. Since it was about 7 on a sunday night, we struggled to find a place to replace the tire. Even the Walmart mechanic wasn't open! We didn't want to go all the way back to Provo on the donut, since you can only go 50 mph on it, so we persevered and stopped at an Auto Zone, which was basically the only place open in Cedar. The guys there were really nice and called their mechanic friend at a local gas station, Gary's Texaco. They gave us directions and we headed to the outskirts of town to this old, beat up gas station on a deserted road. It was super old, like the candy in the store had dust on it and looked like it was from 1984 and the soda cans were ancient! Dale was there to meet us, and he was just the sweetest soul ever! He searched and searched for the right tire to help us, but he didn't have it. He said we could go to Walmart and buy a tire and he would stay open for us. So, we headed back to the exact opposite of town for the Walmart. Vivian, the auto care specialist, was super nice and had to literally break into the shop to get us the tire. Her manager came over and got on her case for setting off the alarm but we told him our story and he ended up helping us. Gotta love the Walmart employees, so kind! After getting the right tire (for a low walmart price, nonetheless) we went back to our friend Dale and he proceeded to fix the break. Sweet Dale, I wish I would've taken a picture of him... he was missing a front tooth and was going bald and had the thickest Southern Utah accent I've ever heard! He was so nice to stay open late and help us. I would totally recommend him to anyone in the Cedar area for all your auto care needs! We finally arrived in Provo after a 9 hour total trip... talk about a good time!

Moral of the story: Don't blow your tire anywhere in Utah on a Sunday! Actually, just don't blow your tire at all... it's not much fun :)


Rebel Girl said...

hey.. this is fireball.. lol!! how are you? I miss you guys so much... hey, can you add me on boot straps blog so I can talk to her.. please.. thank you..


Michelle said...

So glad you found someone to take care of your tire. The girls can't wait to see you in a few weeks. Go REBS!!!

Emily B said...

I love Utah. People would never be this nice and go out of their way in Las Vegas.

Ally Kay said...

Oh Dale. What a great car care giver. Love it. That was quite a trip. You're the best, Lyssa Patyssa. Happy November 6th:)