Wednesday, September 3, 2008

school and such.

So I started my junior year of college last week. Well, technically I'm a few credits short of a junior but... still. Third year. Crazy? I think so. My classes this semester shouldn't be too much of a challenge. On MWF I've got Intro to Mass Communication (for which it's required to keep a blog-lucky me :)) and a lovely little GE class called Ethics and Values. Bascially, it's a philosophy class that tries to get students to think outside the box. My first reading is something by Plato- enough said. Tues/Thurs is Interpersonal Comm, which should be a cool class. My prof is an old guy who told us he's still teaching because he knows that if he retires, he'll die... well I just don't know how that's possible, because he's got so much spunk he'd probably bust out of his casket! I love teachers like that, especially since it's an 8:30 AM class so I need to be woken up anyways! After that is Biology... can you hear my groan? I HATE science and math... which is odd considering that I went to a science and math Middle School. I like to think I got enough of it at HPMS, I don't need anymore! I guess I should consider myself blessed to be able to go to college, but I have hated school since I think the first day of middle school. Elementary school was good times, you just got to play with your friends all day and you didn't have hard homework or hateful teachers. MS was ridiculous, I like to consider those the dark ages of my life. I just black them out in my mind like they never happened! High school was socially a fantastic time, but school wise... not so much. My dad would always get on my case about my math grade, every year, no matter what math it was. Sorry Pops, I didn't inherit the math gene like Alec did... shout out to Anyong, my amazingly smart Physics-major cousin. Don't know how you do it. So, now that I've rambled, it's off to do some homework. Here's to passing grades!


Janae' said...

Lyssy-Grandps Bert used to say...."don't let all those classes get in the way of your real education"!! I got a masters degree in Fun and Games thank to his wise advice!! Haha...didn't really help on too many report cards though.

I have another favor. Will you put a button linking to Aunt Christines quilt store on your blog? The instructions are on the top post on my blog. Please, please, pretty please...I know it will mean so much to her!

Auntie Nae'

Heather said...

wow isnt it crazy that we are in our 3rd year? We are taking some of the same studying Communications? I loved Interpersonal so I hope you will too. We start on Monday and im so not ready!!

Bobbi Leavitt said...

there is a light at the end! Come up to my house (5 min from UVU) and i will do your bio home work. i miss school!

Bobbi Leavitt said...

i love your bed. it reminds me of candy and i love candy. have fun. come up to my house one night and let me feed you a real dinner. We all would love it! tell hannah to add me.