Monday, September 22, 2008

bachelorette parties and such

Some things about this week:
1. Katie Jensen's (soon to be Mann) bachelorette party was on Saturday night. It was good times. Sometimes its fun to get together with old friends and eat way too much and catch up on gossip and talk about things we normally wouldn't talk to each other about... but hey, isn't that what a bach party is for? I just love my high school friends. Still feel too young to get hitched, but will that ever change?
2. Ciji came in town! I love Ciji. I miss Ciji. She is so entertaining and is always down for a good time. We hung out all day on Saturday and ate like hefs yet got much accomplished. She just really really needs to move back to P town so I can get my Ciji fix everyday!
3. BYU World of Dance show on Saturday afternoon (geez, my day was packed!). It was pretty rockin. The cougarettes, ballroom team, ballet company and international dance team all did a few numbers. Let me say, even with my loyalty to the Rebel Girls (as skankalicious as they are), those cougarettes can DANCE. They went from crumping and hip hop to modern to a church themed dance with ease. The last number was extremely weird... I think it was the modern dance company or something but they danced with mattresses. Seriously... weirdest shiz I've ever seen. It was like 10 minutes long too. Who thinks of these things? "Okay guys, we're gonna do a really powerful number with mattresses. It will be amazing." Really, BYU dance instructor? Let's stick to the foxtrot or something.
4. My dad and brothers went to NYC this weekend! Jealous? I certainly was.
5. Rebs victory AGAIN! So long, mediocrity. I should probably knock on wood before saying that... next week, the beasts up north, UNR. Yes, UNR, not Nevada, as us Nevadans truly know. We hate them and hopefully the cannon will return to it's rightful owner.
6. RIP Patriots. You lost to the Dolphins... the DOLPHINS! Meanwhile, Tom Brady is getting nursed back to health by Gisele Bundchen and not myself. Life just isn't fair.

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