Monday, September 22, 2008

bachelorette parties and such

Some things about this week:
1. Katie Jensen's (soon to be Mann) bachelorette party was on Saturday night. It was good times. Sometimes its fun to get together with old friends and eat way too much and catch up on gossip and talk about things we normally wouldn't talk to each other about... but hey, isn't that what a bach party is for? I just love my high school friends. Still feel too young to get hitched, but will that ever change?
2. Ciji came in town! I love Ciji. I miss Ciji. She is so entertaining and is always down for a good time. We hung out all day on Saturday and ate like hefs yet got much accomplished. She just really really needs to move back to P town so I can get my Ciji fix everyday!
3. BYU World of Dance show on Saturday afternoon (geez, my day was packed!). It was pretty rockin. The cougarettes, ballroom team, ballet company and international dance team all did a few numbers. Let me say, even with my loyalty to the Rebel Girls (as skankalicious as they are), those cougarettes can DANCE. They went from crumping and hip hop to modern to a church themed dance with ease. The last number was extremely weird... I think it was the modern dance company or something but they danced with mattresses. Seriously... weirdest shiz I've ever seen. It was like 10 minutes long too. Who thinks of these things? "Okay guys, we're gonna do a really powerful number with mattresses. It will be amazing." Really, BYU dance instructor? Let's stick to the foxtrot or something.
4. My dad and brothers went to NYC this weekend! Jealous? I certainly was.
5. Rebs victory AGAIN! So long, mediocrity. I should probably knock on wood before saying that... next week, the beasts up north, UNR. Yes, UNR, not Nevada, as us Nevadans truly know. We hate them and hopefully the cannon will return to it's rightful owner.
6. RIP Patriots. You lost to the Dolphins... the DOLPHINS! Meanwhile, Tom Brady is getting nursed back to health by Gisele Bundchen and not myself. Life just isn't fair.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just taking a moment

After reading my very talented friend's blog ( I have decided to write about some things I'm thankful for this week. Sorry for copying you Al Pal, but you really inspired me!

So this one might sound a little cliche, but it truly is so important to me. My friend at work recently had to covertly move her, her mom, and three siblings out of her stepdad's house, because he was very emotionally abusive and just created a horrible environment to live in. I can't imagine not having parents that not only care for me and my brothers and sisters, but make it clear to us that they unconditionally love each other. I remember many times in my youth when I would talk back to my mom and get sent to my room, waiting for my dad to arrive home from work and give me the proper punishment. Most times, he wouldn't be angry with me. He would just end up counseling me on how much he loves my mom and supports her in her decisions, even if I thought I was right. In a world where over 50% of marriages don't work out, it's so comforting to see an amazing example of love and devotion right in my own home. I can only aspire to be like them someday!

Have I ever said how much I LOVE pictures? I'm not a photographer by any means, but pictures can never fail to bring a smile to my face. My room is plastered with them and I just love it! Memories are the best... I just love reminiscing. I love that I can constantly be reminded of the people I love, the things I am blessed with and the good times I've had just by looking at my walls!

Author of said inspiring blog. This girl is incredible. Me and my roomates were all gone this weekend, and when we got home late Sunday night the apartment was nicer and cleaner than I have ever seen it! Sitting on the kitchen counter was a little post-it that just said "Hope your trips were great! Love you, Ally". She snuck into our apt and seriously deep cleaned, like I mean put away all the extra dishes and cleaned the floors and organized all the crap piling up on our counter. My mom always used to make us clean the house before we left on vacations, and I never really understood why until now. It is SO nice to come home to a clean house! It takes away so much stress. Ally is so kind a selfless and I am so grateful for her and her love for service! She's such a good example... you can crash on our couch anytime!

Monday, September 15, 2008

ten best things about the state fair...

10. Cool booths with random stuff

9. REAL tigers! Poor guys were stuck in this tiny cage but it was still cool!

8. Free Chris Cagle concert! Even thought I only knew like 3 songs... still so fun

7. Seeing all the creepy rednecks come out of the woodworks for said concert... like background man below...

6. All-you-can-eat ice cream for $3! Yum

5. Couples such as this... seriously this guy's pants were glued to his butt. Does he look in the mirror and say, "Yeah, I look really good today in these pants"?? Mystery to me.

4. The Ferris Wheel!

3. Chris Cagle singing his most famous love song, "I Breathe In, I Breathe Out", and stopping mid-song because he was crying. He then tells the audience that he's crying because he misses his dog, Capone, who he hasn't seen since he's been on the road. Really, Chris? You're singing this sappy ballad and you can't get through it because of your DOG? Wow... how redneck can you get?

2. This family in front of us. They had to be the biggest Chris Cagle fans on the planet, literally. They all had shirts, signed hats and even a Chris Cagle foam finger. They knew every single word to every song and the best part was the mom was bawling the entire time! Literally, tears flowing for an hour and a half... they were more entertaining than the actual concert!

and the number one best thing about the Utah State Fair...
FUNNEL CAKE! Geez, I am such a Leavitt.

Monday, September 8, 2008

sorrows and joys

-First off, a good friend of mine passed away last week. Accidental drug overdose. It's so sad, not only because he was so young (20), but it couldn't have happened to a more friendly, happy and genuinely nice guy. I'm not gonna pretend like we were the best of friends, but whenever I hung out with him we always had a blast. Garrett could make anyone laugh and always gave the best hugs. I saw him just last weekend when I was home, and it's just plain weird that I'll never see him again. It's comforting to know that he's in a better place now and that his family WILL see him again someday. All I can say is don't take life for granted. Stop and give the ones you love a big hug because you never know if that will be your last chance to do so.

-On a lighter note, yesterday we had our regional stake conference at the Marriott Center. Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Packer, and Sister Dibb (President Monson's daughter) all gave amazing talks and it was so cool to be there and hear them in person. My only complaint is that the M Center was freakin PACKED and hot as you know... Why don't they upgrade and put chairs in the whole place? Sitting on a bench for two hours was torture.
-In mass comm today, I got assigned to do a project on the health hazards of energy drinks. Is it bad that I'm sipping on one as I write this? Whoops...
-Everyone needs to check out Hannah's blog. It is HYSTERICAL. Except for the fact that she wrote a post about Jessica being her favorite sister... which isn't wise considering that I have her password and can delete that post at any moment in time! She once told me that Jessica was her first favorite sister, then Kori, THEN me. And they say absence makes the heart grow fonder... yeah right! Let me know if you want to be added to her blog list, it's well worth it.
-I watched the VMA's last night and was happy to see a very healthy looking Britney Spears! I've always been rooting for her. I was a big fan back in the day and I secretly wish her and Justin Timberlake would get back together... that was a match made in heaven for me. Let's just say that if NSYNC went on a reunion tour I would be first in line for tickets. Oh yeah, and Britney took home the most awards of anyone... you go girl! Comeback!

-Look at these pillows my mama made me! She is the greatest! Aren't they adorable??
-Don't worry everyone, only 68 days till bball season! Holla!
-Today I'm going to the Utah State Fair... YEE HAW! Chris Cagle concert and ice cream festival anyone?? I'll be sure to wear my cowboy boots that I've been dying to phase into my wardrobe... I'm weird I know. Pictures to come later!

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

school and such.

So I started my junior year of college last week. Well, technically I'm a few credits short of a junior but... still. Third year. Crazy? I think so. My classes this semester shouldn't be too much of a challenge. On MWF I've got Intro to Mass Communication (for which it's required to keep a blog-lucky me :)) and a lovely little GE class called Ethics and Values. Bascially, it's a philosophy class that tries to get students to think outside the box. My first reading is something by Plato- enough said. Tues/Thurs is Interpersonal Comm, which should be a cool class. My prof is an old guy who told us he's still teaching because he knows that if he retires, he'll die... well I just don't know how that's possible, because he's got so much spunk he'd probably bust out of his casket! I love teachers like that, especially since it's an 8:30 AM class so I need to be woken up anyways! After that is Biology... can you hear my groan? I HATE science and math... which is odd considering that I went to a science and math Middle School. I like to think I got enough of it at HPMS, I don't need anymore! I guess I should consider myself blessed to be able to go to college, but I have hated school since I think the first day of middle school. Elementary school was good times, you just got to play with your friends all day and you didn't have hard homework or hateful teachers. MS was ridiculous, I like to consider those the dark ages of my life. I just black them out in my mind like they never happened! High school was socially a fantastic time, but school wise... not so much. My dad would always get on my case about my math grade, every year, no matter what math it was. Sorry Pops, I didn't inherit the math gene like Alec did... shout out to Anyong, my amazingly smart Physics-major cousin. Don't know how you do it. So, now that I've rambled, it's off to do some homework. Here's to passing grades!