Saturday, August 16, 2008

wedding whirlwind.

Last weekend was officially Wedding-Fest 08. Friday night was my good friend and former roomate Brittany Stailey's wedding to a guy she met during our time at SUU. It's funny because Britt didn't like him at first, but we told her to keep seeing him because he is such a good guy. He obviously won her over, and their reception was beautiful! It was in the gardens at Thanksgiving Point, and she couldn't have picked a better night. The weather was perfect and Britt looked so happy! It was also nice to see the other ex roomies, Marianne, Marisa and Jac, that we hardly get to see. I love reunions!

After Britt's reception, we pulled an all-nighter and drove down to Vegas so we could go to Rachel Taylor's reception on Saturday night. First of all, I love Rachi. I've known her for awhile cuz she lived by my cousins and we always used to play, and then we went to High School together and became good friends. She is so funny and I have so many good memories of her from volleyball, dances, and everything else that comes with HS. Rachi, you rock, never change! (We love Lizzie McGuire!) Anyways, Rachel found her prince charming, Spencer, and she looked GORGEOUS! The reception was way fun... lots of dancing, food, reuniting with old friends, etc. I can't believe that 3 of my high school friends are already married and one is engaged. I just don't feel that old! Plus, my good friend Cameron got home from his mission and had his homecoming on sunday. It's beyond weird that I have friends my age coming home from missions already! Geez we are growing up.

Yay for wedding fest! Loved it.


Janae' said...

HIya Lyssy-loo!

Okay-solve the mystery. Did Rachel do the "worm" in her wedding dress at her reception?

You'd think I would wonder about important things in life...but nope...just need neighborhood fodder.

Love you!
Auntie Nae'

Alyssa Joy said...

yes! It was hysterical... so rachel.