Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Beach week (or 5 days for me) was as fantastic as expected. The Giants beat the Padres in extra innings on Friday night, much to our delight. A delicious sundae at Ghiradelli capped off the night, and we headed for the beach the next morning. Let me just tell you how much I LOVE the beach. I could sit with my toes in the sand for my whole life and still not get sick of it! Although I pulled a Hoffman and got a small body surfing injury, the day was not spoiled. My skin is now nice and brown and much more beautiful than the previous pasty white! Sunday brought on the highlight of the week: the traditional La Jolla picnic! It was a hot day but super beautiful. We switched it up this year from KFC to Rubios, which was a good choice. Since it was my fabulous father's 46th (not 45th, Mom :)) birthday, we brought a cake and, in true Leavitt style, grabbed a fork and dug in. I ended up with some cake in my hair and had to go wash it off in the nasty park bathroom... seriously, they didn't even have any paper towels or mirrors... gross. Aunt Nae had some fun with her camera when the sun started to set and the sky was perfectly lit. Can't wait to see the pics! Tuesday was Weinershnitzel day... HALLELUJAH! I love this day. All my friends think I am disgusting for liking Weinershintzel, but as far as I can remember, my fam would get it on Saturday afternoons after cleaning the house. It's an acquired taste and I can't get enough! And it tastes even better on the beach! It was super fun having Ky and Shay there this year! Shay's face when she saw Ky was classic, you'll have to check out their blog. I love these girls and Ky was a beast in the waves. She caught a wave body surfing, an art which took me 15 years of beach to perfect. You go, Ky! Even though I had to leave early, I still had a blast and can't wait till next year!


Trent said...

Who doesn't like Wienerschnitzel?
I don't understand some people.

Alyssa Joy said...

You and me both, Trent. Weinershnitzel is food of the Gods as far as I'm concerned!