Saturday, August 30, 2008

Boot's Blog.

My baby sister Hannah has decided to start her own blog. Due to the fact that she's only 10 years old, it will be private. We don't have anyone's email so if anyone wants to be added to her list leave me your email! I'm sure her blog will be very entertaining. the URL is

Friday, August 29, 2008


Thanks Haley and Britt.
A- Attached or Single? Immensely single.
B- Best friend? Too many to name! But probably my very very bests are Jess and Kori.
C-Cake or Pie? Cake for sure, except fresh strawberry pie... YUM
D-Day of Choice? Saturday! I don't have to work or wake up for school so I can get everything done that I need to
E-Essential item? cellular device... cliche but it really does everything, including GPS! Can't get lost with the iphone baby!
F-Favorite color? green and lately I like purple too
G-gummy bears or gummy worms? eh niether really
H-hometown? LAS VEGAS
I-Indulgences? Cafe Rio, Spoon me and pretty much any dessert
J- January or July? um hello JUNE?!
K-Kids? I love them!
L-Life is incomplete without? church and family
M-Marriage date? to be determined
N-Number of siblings? 2 bros 2 sisters... and I had a dream last night we adopted a 7 year old boy from Columbia haha
O-Oranges or apples? eh not really either... oranges maybe
P-Phobias or fears? fires and car accidents... I'm a very cautious driver!
Q-Quotes? I love them... my favorite is too long to put here. I'll go with a classic Heavyweights line-"Never let anyone sign your checks!"
R- Reason to smile? I'm going home today for a long weekend!
S- Season? Summer for sure... beach, birthday, sun, and best of all no school!
T-tag 8 people- oh geez... Ally, Heather, Shaylee, Kylee, Autumn, Tiff... and I guess whoever else wants to??
U-Unknown Fact? My dream job is the courtside reporter for ESPN! Like the girl that was interviewing KG during the whole "anything is possible" moment... gives me chills every time
V-Very Favorite store- Nords for sure, maybe a little Forever 21
W- Worst habit? being lazy
X- X-Ray or Ultrasound? I've never had either
Y- Your favorite food? Cafe Rio chicken salad
Z- Zodiac? Gemini

Sunday, August 24, 2008

down by the river...

Okay so all summer I've heard about the Provo River and how much fun it is to float. So, Saturday I finally went rafting with a few friends and let me say, it was a BLAST! It ended up just being me and a guy from my ward, Rob, in a raft, and luckily he was an expert rafter, because within the first 5 minutes our raft got stuck under a bridge and we both had to bail and free the raft. That for sure was an adventure in itself, and the rest of the ride was pretty tame. Except for the time when we went over a rock and I went flying and was drug down the river for a minute or two... and the time when our other friend's boat got three holes and Jackie and Brittany had to catch up with us on an inflatable pillow. Too bad we couldn't take a camera in the raft with us! Rafting was the best. It was a gorgeous day and I got a slight tan and the scenery was beautiful! If you haven't floated the river, do it. You won't regret it!
Preparing to float

Pimpin it with the boys... Chad, Eric and Rob

The team ready to raft it up!

PS- In the Welcome to Utah moment of the week, I helped out a girl named LaKrista at work. A little skinny white girl named LAKRISTA. Really? Only Utah.

Big Ape turns 20!!

Happy Birthday to my oldest, bestest friend ever, Allyson Kay Schlauder! Me and Ally have been best friends since we were 5 and I have loved every minute of it! She is the nicest, most considerate, loving, selfless person I know. She is everyone's friend and just a joy to be around. I am so grateful for her in my life, she is the best example ever! We have had bumps in our relationship but she is and always be my closest friend. Some good memories of Al Pal:
-Ally is an amazing poet, and I must say that some of her greatest poems came from the inspiration of old high school lovers... we love to look back at them and laugh!
-We used to love to go try on prom dresses back when we were in middle school. Years later, Ally always had the most gorgeous dresses and they still get good use cuz everyone borrows them!
-WAY back when we were probably 5 or 6, there was a big flash flood and we were convinced that we could go out and swim in it. We got our swimsuits on and were headed out the door when her mom caught us and made us swim in the pool instead... darn!
-Beach trips! Learning to body surf, making seaweed tacos, finding cute boys... we first met at the beach and it forever bonded us!
-One word: LIAR!
-Another two words: Banana Stew.
-Endless volleyball games, including the one when she hurt her knee and it is forever numb, even to this day!
Basically, Ally is the best and I love her so much. If you don't know her, you should... you're missing out!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

wedding whirlwind.

Last weekend was officially Wedding-Fest 08. Friday night was my good friend and former roomate Brittany Stailey's wedding to a guy she met during our time at SUU. It's funny because Britt didn't like him at first, but we told her to keep seeing him because he is such a good guy. He obviously won her over, and their reception was beautiful! It was in the gardens at Thanksgiving Point, and she couldn't have picked a better night. The weather was perfect and Britt looked so happy! It was also nice to see the other ex roomies, Marianne, Marisa and Jac, that we hardly get to see. I love reunions!

After Britt's reception, we pulled an all-nighter and drove down to Vegas so we could go to Rachel Taylor's reception on Saturday night. First of all, I love Rachi. I've known her for awhile cuz she lived by my cousins and we always used to play, and then we went to High School together and became good friends. She is so funny and I have so many good memories of her from volleyball, dances, and everything else that comes with HS. Rachi, you rock, never change! (We love Lizzie McGuire!) Anyways, Rachel found her prince charming, Spencer, and she looked GORGEOUS! The reception was way fun... lots of dancing, food, reuniting with old friends, etc. I can't believe that 3 of my high school friends are already married and one is engaged. I just don't feel that old! Plus, my good friend Cameron got home from his mission and had his homecoming on sunday. It's beyond weird that I have friends my age coming home from missions already! Geez we are growing up.

Yay for wedding fest! Loved it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Beach week (or 5 days for me) was as fantastic as expected. The Giants beat the Padres in extra innings on Friday night, much to our delight. A delicious sundae at Ghiradelli capped off the night, and we headed for the beach the next morning. Let me just tell you how much I LOVE the beach. I could sit with my toes in the sand for my whole life and still not get sick of it! Although I pulled a Hoffman and got a small body surfing injury, the day was not spoiled. My skin is now nice and brown and much more beautiful than the previous pasty white! Sunday brought on the highlight of the week: the traditional La Jolla picnic! It was a hot day but super beautiful. We switched it up this year from KFC to Rubios, which was a good choice. Since it was my fabulous father's 46th (not 45th, Mom :)) birthday, we brought a cake and, in true Leavitt style, grabbed a fork and dug in. I ended up with some cake in my hair and had to go wash it off in the nasty park bathroom... seriously, they didn't even have any paper towels or mirrors... gross. Aunt Nae had some fun with her camera when the sun started to set and the sky was perfectly lit. Can't wait to see the pics! Tuesday was Weinershnitzel day... HALLELUJAH! I love this day. All my friends think I am disgusting for liking Weinershintzel, but as far as I can remember, my fam would get it on Saturday afternoons after cleaning the house. It's an acquired taste and I can't get enough! And it tastes even better on the beach! It was super fun having Ky and Shay there this year! Shay's face when she saw Ky was classic, you'll have to check out their blog. I love these girls and Ky was a beast in the waves. She caught a wave body surfing, an art which took me 15 years of beach to perfect. You go, Ky! Even though I had to leave early, I still had a blast and can't wait till next year!