Monday, July 7, 2008


Sorry it's taken me forever to update! We were on the go all the time and the wireless at the hotels were iffy. Anyways...
Our first few days were spent in beautiful SYDNEY! It's winter down there right now, but the weather was still very nice. We got there at about 6 in the morning so we had lots of time before we could check into the hotel. We got in the busses and took a tour of the city, hitting up Bondi Beach for breakfast and a few gorgeous overlooks of the city and the ocean. Me and my dad rode on the team bus, and the boys made lots of hysterical comments, my favorite being "Wouldn't it be sick if there were an MLK down here?" courtesy of Wink Adams.

Us with the team at Sydney Harbour... this picture was funny cuz when Janae was taking it, she said for all the pretty people to get in the front. Naturally, Rene Rougeau hopped up...
The next day we took a tour of the Sydney Opera House, which was amazing! The theaters are so pretty, not to mention the architecture! We learned that the architect, a Dutch guy, had some issues with the city wanting things to move along faster and in a different direction, so the replaced him halfway through the project. He left Sydney and never came back to see his design completed. Sad!

Waiting for the tour with Wink and Mo

inside the OH

Later that night was a game against the Sutherland Sharks. The gym was an ICEBOX... it had to be about 45 degrees in there. The guys didn't shoot too well. The next day we went on this cool jet boat ride around the harbour and did a bunch of jumps and 360s. The game last night was interesting because our bus driver got lost and ended up high centering the bus, but luckily we were right next to the gym when he did it! Rebs came out victorious. Saturday we woke up early and went to hike the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This was the COOLEST experience because you have to be hooked up to cables and go up all these steep ladders to get to the top, where the view is amazing! You can see for miles.

top of the bridge

We went to this really nice boarding school for the game that night. Apparently it costs $39,000 a year to send your kid there! That's about my college tuition for all four years... crazy. We got there pretty early so me, Jess, Kori and the Gresing girls (the assistant coach's daughters) went exploring.

in front of the King's School gym

these birds were just flying around the campus! so pretty.
The Rebs dominated the game! I'm very impressed with Mo Rutledge... he has improved hugely. Tre Willis is gonna be good too.

Sydney was a blast! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to visit. Next we were on to Brisbane...


Heather said...

oh Alyssa, it looks like such a blast!! I am so glad to see pictures and I cant wait for more

Em said...

Not the same without me. JK I am so jealous though. I hope I make it back there one day. Love ya girlfriend.