Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brizzy Baby!

Next stop: Brisbane. First of all, our tour guide here was RIDICULOUS... and not in a good way. He was an american who moved to Australia 14 years ago. He didn't hide the fact that he is VERY anti-america... though we have no idea why! He never stopped talking the entire trip and we learned about his 94 year old grandma, his first car (a VW bug), the day he liked vegimite and considered himself a true Australian, and his wife and daughters upcoming trip to Tasmania. Let's just say that Jim was a joke. Anyways, our first stop in Briz was to Kangaroo Point, which overlooks the whole city... and just so happens to be right across the street from the Brisbane Temple! It was a pleasant surprise, so while everyone else was taking pics at the point, we were checking out the Temple.

Kangaroo Point

The next day we went to Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Coast. They call Brisbane "BrizVegas" because it's where all the Aussies go to party and gamble, and SP is the center of it all. The beach was beautiful and the shopping was fantastic! Scotty Hoffman had a little accident involving a boogie board and a sand bar... or maybe it was just me beating him up? You decide. SP was a blast and we wish we could've spent more time there!
Vegas in Paradise

Poor scotty...

The games in Brisbane were really fun because they play music the whole time! It's weird at first, but I liked it. Apparently it's because they Aussies don't know much about the game so they want to make it more fun for them. Rebs dominated both games here, and it was fun for all!
Our last day in Brizzy was spent at the Croc Hunter's famous Australian Zoo. If you ask me, it's a good thing it was his because otherwise it would be pretty lame. The highlights were being able to pet and fed and play around with the kangaroos, and the cute little koalas! They had pictures and even videos of Steve Irwin everywhere, which is good but a little morbid I thought. Unfortunately we didn't get to see Bindi the Jungle Girl, although we did listen to Jim the tour guide go on about how the Aussies were embarassed of Steve Irwin's outlandish ways... even tho they mourned his death for 2 weeks. Thanks for the info Jim.
At the Zoo...

Oh yes, and Brisbane also caused the death of my straightener, hence all the ponytails and hats in upcoming pics. RIP Chi... you just couldn't handle the high voltage.
On to Cairns!

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