Tuesday, July 29, 2008

3. more. days!

Only three more days till...
-Intense Body Surfing and Boogie Boarding sessions
-Hours of soaking in the sun
-Multiple naps on the sand
-Those glorious hot dogs on the beach
-Actually getting some color in my skin
-Traditional La Jolla picnic
-Hanging out all day with my two best friends Jess & Kori
-Reliving Dad's takedown of the poor innocent beachgoer
-Sports Trivia with Young Keef
-Late night hot tub trips
-Padres game!
and best of all...


Saturday, July 26, 2008

so I was thinkin...

-I am IN LOVE... with my new iPhone! It is the best. I just play with it for hours. It took 2 weeks, a few shed tears, 1 trip to Salt Lake and 3 trips to American Fork, but I FINALLY have it in my hands! It's so pretty. I'm a loser, I know.
-Beach in less than a week! I need this vacation. Girls are driving me crazy and I need to get out of P-Town.
-I'm going through a bracelet phase. Lately I've been finding the cutest cuffs and I just have to buy them all! I always see cute bangles too but they slide off my wrist... darn. Here is some of my collection... my favorite is the turquoise one that Grand got me, Jessi and Kori in Australia! I wear it all the time.

-The entire state of Idaho smells. Really though. It's all farms and cows and manure and pure allergies. No bueno. We went to Jerome for Grandpas family reunion, and I was pretty much plugging my nose the whole time. We stopped at Shoshone Falls, which was beautiful. My mom revealed to me that my cousin that died there, Bear, really jumped off the falls and didn't accidently fall. That was depressing, but I suppose I'm old enough to know that now!
-We also stopped and when through the open house at the new Twin Falls temple. It was beautiful! I really can't wait to go to the temple! Gotta find that guy... Grandpa reminds me of that fact every time I see him! Gotta love grandfathers.
-Don't worry everyone, only 108 days till Rebs season! WOOHOO!
-I went bowling with my cute Home Teachers the other day. I always get cute HT's, but its kinda a double edged sword cuz they think its weird to ask out the girls they home teach. Hey, I'm all for it!
-Songs I'm currently into:
Sea Breeze by Tyrone Wells-gorgeous acoustic love song!
Free Fallin' by John Mayer-amazing cover by an amazing artist. I'm sad I missed his concert last week!
Acoustic version of No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown- Can you tell I'm going through an acoustic phase? I'm obsessed with this song!
Burnin' Up by Jonas Brothers-Yes, I am 20 years old and I like this song. JoBros are catchy, okay?
-Holy smokes, I almost forgot... The Dark Knight was SO GOOD! I loved it. My friends thought it was just okay, but I want to go see it again and again and again! Heath Ledger was amazing but I can totally see how that role messed him up! And Christian Bale is beautiful. Batman can come rescue me any time!
-I signed up for classes this week. SO not excited to start school again... ugh. Me and school just never got along.

Monday, July 21, 2008

making lemonade.

I've been in a funk. It's hard to get back from a two week vacation and get right back into the grind we call everyday life. For me, that means an underpaid, overworked job, petty girl drama, and family withdrawls. Jet lag sucked big time, and I just missed vacation in general. When I returned to work, I found out that they hired a new girl to help in the back, which was good... except we didn't get along at all. Lets just say she had a major power trip on her first week of work. Kind of ridiculous. So I tried to get back into everything with a smile, but it seemed like life just kept throwing me curve balls. I'd been looking forward to Australia for so long that I was so disappointed to not have something to look forward to now that I was back. I attempted to get an iphone, which is a post for another date. That just added to my disappointment, since it was my birthday present and my birthday was over a month ago... I'm very impatient. Then along comes last Thursday. I woke up for work and dropped my makeup box, which followed with a shattering tube and pink liquid all over my carpet. That'll be fun to pay for once moving out time comes. Then its off to work, with awkward silences since me and power trip still haven't really become friends. After work, I go home to get on the computer and just so happen to knock over a glass of water that was on my desk. The computer shut off after getting soaked, so I took out the battery and let it dry for awhile before trying to turn it on again. Nothing. So I take it to Simply Mac and the guy tells me right off the bat that its gonna be $900 to fix, and that everyone knows you shouldn't try to turn your computer on after spilling water on it... you need to let it dry for at least 2 days. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT... apparently not. So I head to a coworkers house for a party thing and one of my managers was there, of course the one that I can't stand. She tells us that we took the trash out wrong and we're gonna get fined and the GM wanted to meet with us the next day to yell at us. GREAT. Just the cap I wanted on my perfect day. I got back to my apartment and called my Mom and just cried. I don't break down in front of a lot of people, not even my family, but I seriously had the worst day that I could remember. My Mom was so sweet and just listened to my venting and told me all the mom stuff that always makes you feel better. I said a really long prayer that night and went to bed feeling a little bit better. The next day at work, I talk to the GM about Trashgate... and she didn't even know about it. The dumb other manager was being super dramatic an made me all scared for nothing. Then I get home, and a sweet soul showed up at my door with these!

My parents are the nicest. This was such a small gesture but it really made me feel so much better about everything that had happened the day before. Everyone has heard this quote, but it became so new to me. So, for the last few days, I've been trying to make lemonade out of the lemons that have been handed to me. I've been reaching out to Power Trip, and we're becoming friendlier. The stain is still in my carpet, but I've learned not to set my makeup box on top of the tv. Best of all, my computer is working! Take that, Mac guy. It really is a miracle.
So, the moral of the story is, lemons really do turn into lemonade. They just can't do it by themselves, you have to squeeze the goodness out of them!
I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

119 days...

Not that I'm counting or anything, but... 119 days till the Rebels season opener! I tell ya, this Australia trip got me all hyped up for the season, until I realized that the season is SO far away! Therefore, I started a countdown on my chalkboard and this is the current count. The joy of my life is marking off another day closer! Clearly I've got such an exciting life :)

I found these somewhere and it didn't help in containing my excitement. I LOVE MY REBS!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cairns... and BUNGEE JUMPING!!

We flew to Cairns and the boys had to play a game just a few hours after we arrived. The refs in this game were without a doubt the worst refs of all time! Coach got a technical... enough said. I don't know if Coach has ever gotten a tech! Kendall Wallace missed a 3 to win the game, so we lost, but it was a thriller. We met some little girls after the game who were enthralled with our accents and the fact that Jessica went to a Chris Brown concert... I think we are their heroes! Our first full day in Cairns (pronounced "Cans) consisted of the moment I dreaded the entire trip... Bunjee Jumping. When I first heard we had the chance, I wanted to go. That was 3 months before we left, and lets just say I changed my mind multiple times. When we left for the bungee place I determined I was just going to watch, but when we got there my loving father informed me that he prepaid so I had no choice but to go! So I got myself together and we all headed up to the top of the tower, 167 feet (15 stories) above the pool below. My dad agreed to go with me and I wanted to go first and get it over with. So me and him get all strapped in and I'm getting kind of excited to go... then we step to the edge. I LOST IT. I started shaking and crying and the poor guy at the top just kept saying "you'll be okay Alyssa, just go you'll be fine." Then he counts down 5,4,3,2,1... and we jumped! I BUNGEE JUMPED! I cried but I did it! It was seriously the best, coolest thing I have ever done in my life. I can't even describe the rush! It was amazing and I'm so glad I did it! Shout Out to Jessi and Kori, Bridget and Rich and the Grensings who did it too... even 11 year-old Gentry! Coach and Barb came to watch and it was so fun to see everyone jump!



All I can say is that if you get the chance to Bungee, do it!!

Our last day in Cairns was spent at the beautiful Great Barrier Reef! We took a pretty rocky boat ride out to a barge, where we were able to snorkel and scuba dive and take a helicopter ride to see the reef from above. Scuba Diving was incredible! I am terrified of fish, but it was so calm and beautiful when we were 30 feet underneath the water. It was a lot easier then we thought it would be!
Us with Beas and on the boat

The water was so clear and pretty!

Our trip back to the States was pretty difficult. We flew two hours back to Brisbane, then 14 hours to LA. Our flight was late getting into LA so we missed our connecting flight to Vegas! Luckily, Grand called the plane to come pick us up. The Blacks are the best and are so generous! We love them so much! We got into LA at 9:00 that morning and the team didn't even get back to Vegas until 7 that night. They are troopers! I'm pretty much done with flying for awhile, because the flight back was brutal, even an ambien didn't work!
I'm so lucky to have been able to go on this trip! It was amazing and I will never forget it! I LOVE AUSTRALIA!

Brizzy Baby!

Next stop: Brisbane. First of all, our tour guide here was RIDICULOUS... and not in a good way. He was an american who moved to Australia 14 years ago. He didn't hide the fact that he is VERY anti-america... though we have no idea why! He never stopped talking the entire trip and we learned about his 94 year old grandma, his first car (a VW bug), the day he liked vegimite and considered himself a true Australian, and his wife and daughters upcoming trip to Tasmania. Let's just say that Jim was a joke. Anyways, our first stop in Briz was to Kangaroo Point, which overlooks the whole city... and just so happens to be right across the street from the Brisbane Temple! It was a pleasant surprise, so while everyone else was taking pics at the point, we were checking out the Temple.

Kangaroo Point

The next day we went to Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Coast. They call Brisbane "BrizVegas" because it's where all the Aussies go to party and gamble, and SP is the center of it all. The beach was beautiful and the shopping was fantastic! Scotty Hoffman had a little accident involving a boogie board and a sand bar... or maybe it was just me beating him up? You decide. SP was a blast and we wish we could've spent more time there!
Vegas in Paradise

Poor scotty...

The games in Brisbane were really fun because they play music the whole time! It's weird at first, but I liked it. Apparently it's because they Aussies don't know much about the game so they want to make it more fun for them. Rebs dominated both games here, and it was fun for all!
Our last day in Brizzy was spent at the Croc Hunter's famous Australian Zoo. If you ask me, it's a good thing it was his because otherwise it would be pretty lame. The highlights were being able to pet and fed and play around with the kangaroos, and the cute little koalas! They had pictures and even videos of Steve Irwin everywhere, which is good but a little morbid I thought. Unfortunately we didn't get to see Bindi the Jungle Girl, although we did listen to Jim the tour guide go on about how the Aussies were embarassed of Steve Irwin's outlandish ways... even tho they mourned his death for 2 weeks. Thanks for the info Jim.
At the Zoo...

Oh yes, and Brisbane also caused the death of my straightener, hence all the ponytails and hats in upcoming pics. RIP Chi... you just couldn't handle the high voltage.
On to Cairns!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Sorry it's taken me forever to update! We were on the go all the time and the wireless at the hotels were iffy. Anyways...
Our first few days were spent in beautiful SYDNEY! It's winter down there right now, but the weather was still very nice. We got there at about 6 in the morning so we had lots of time before we could check into the hotel. We got in the busses and took a tour of the city, hitting up Bondi Beach for breakfast and a few gorgeous overlooks of the city and the ocean. Me and my dad rode on the team bus, and the boys made lots of hysterical comments, my favorite being "Wouldn't it be sick if there were an MLK down here?" courtesy of Wink Adams.

Us with the team at Sydney Harbour... this picture was funny cuz when Janae was taking it, she said for all the pretty people to get in the front. Naturally, Rene Rougeau hopped up...
The next day we took a tour of the Sydney Opera House, which was amazing! The theaters are so pretty, not to mention the architecture! We learned that the architect, a Dutch guy, had some issues with the city wanting things to move along faster and in a different direction, so the replaced him halfway through the project. He left Sydney and never came back to see his design completed. Sad!

Waiting for the tour with Wink and Mo

inside the OH

Later that night was a game against the Sutherland Sharks. The gym was an ICEBOX... it had to be about 45 degrees in there. The guys didn't shoot too well. The next day we went on this cool jet boat ride around the harbour and did a bunch of jumps and 360s. The game last night was interesting because our bus driver got lost and ended up high centering the bus, but luckily we were right next to the gym when he did it! Rebs came out victorious. Saturday we woke up early and went to hike the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This was the COOLEST experience because you have to be hooked up to cables and go up all these steep ladders to get to the top, where the view is amazing! You can see for miles.

top of the bridge

We went to this really nice boarding school for the game that night. Apparently it costs $39,000 a year to send your kid there! That's about my college tuition for all four years... crazy. We got there pretty early so me, Jess, Kori and the Gresing girls (the assistant coach's daughters) went exploring.

in front of the King's School gym

these birds were just flying around the campus! so pretty.
The Rebs dominated the game! I'm very impressed with Mo Rutledge... he has improved hugely. Tre Willis is gonna be good too.

Sydney was a blast! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to visit. Next we were on to Brisbane...