Thursday, May 8, 2008


First off, yesterday we had the most AMAZING thunderstorm! Seriously, it was pouring, and the thunder was so loud. I loved it! Me, Ally and Courtney had to go frolic in it and celebrate the fact that it was actually raining and not snowing. Huge development.

Vegas was amazing! Jackie's little brother had a birthday party and these zoo people came and brought all these exotic animals, including this beast! I am absolutely terrified of snakes... I literally clung onto Sam's arm when they brought this out. No joke. The best part about it was the actual guy, he had a tail of hair down to his butt. He was fantastic!

Shaylee's bridal shower was a blast. Janae decorated so cute and the food was fantastic... I probably gained about 10 pounds from the cake and cookies! Wonderful adventures were had Friday night by me, Jackie, and Sam... more on that another time. Saturday was spent lounging by the pool with the fam. I actually remembered to put sunscreen on this time and my nose still fried.

Goodbye Jason Castro! We are obsessed with him, dreads and all. So sad to see him go. I like all of the final three contestants, but I think it's gonna be the Davids in the finals for sure. Archuletta's got it in the bag, he could rap and the judges would love it. Kind of ridiculous, but he's very talented.

We played tennis today! It was a blast. I need to invest in a racket. I have much improving to do, but those lessons with Zdenick all those years ago have still not left me! Yay for perfect weather and playing tennis!

I've been working on Dixon and Shaylee's wedding video all week, and its gonna be so cute. If only my brother would send me the songs to put on it, it would be almost perfect (hint hint Dixon if you're reading this...) I can't wait for everyone to see it. Shaylee and Kylee were the cutest little girls ever!

Well thats all for now. Peace peeps.

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