Friday, April 25, 2008

moving on...

We moved into our new apartment yesterday! We are so excited to be closer to our friends and have much more space than our old apartment. We're now at Belmont, which is right next to Seven Peaks, and really close to the mountains. It's so nice, everyone should come stop by and visit when you're in the hood! The only problem is that I (Alyssa) am currently roomless, since one girl hasn't moved out yet. All I can say is thank goodness for good friends, because I am bunking with Ally until Tuesday when I can acutally move into my room. It's really stressful since all my boxes and stuff are scattered everywhere, but I'm so glad that I have amazing friends to help me out! Another exciting thing is that I think it is FINALLY spring. The trees are blossoming and I love it... it's gorgeous up here right now! Hopefully the weather will stay up now instead of hitting us with a freak snowstorm. I'm done with school for the semester and looking for a new job... I love new starts! I feel so refreshed with this change of scenery. I hope everyone is having as good a week as I've had! Can't wait to go back to Vegas next week for Shaylee's bridal shower... see you all then <3

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