Tuesday, April 8, 2008

just my luck.

Can I just say that I put Kansas to win it all literally EVERY year... except this one? The last two freaking years they disappoint me by going out in the first round to schools no one has ever heard of... Buckell? Bradley? WHAT? So this year I said to myself, "Self, don't set yourself up for disappointment yet another year by putting Kansas in the winning spot again." So I pick a UNC-UCLA final. Note to everyone: ask me who I am putting in the final game and then adjust your bracket so you don't have either team. Because Alyssa is cursed! I thought maybe Psycho T could lead a miraculous comeback to get the Tar Heels back after being down 28, and he ALMOST did. Just enough to tease me, before breaking my heart once again! Mario Chalmers is a beast... that shot was incredible. Gives me chills every time I watch the replay. And the One Shining Moment? Fantastic. Shout out to my boy Rene for going from walk-on to OSM material, although nothing will beat Kevin Kruger's victory lap after beating Wisconsin in last year's OSM... youtube it. Fantastic. I watched the 1990 OSM just to relive the Rebel history that occured when I was just a young one... I swear there is more footage of Duke in there than our Rebs. Hate on, NCAA. We're making our comeback!

So some more of my luck. I have a slight crush on this guy, we'll call him cute boy #1. Cute boy #1 is moving to Florida next week for the entire summer, so I called him yesterday to see if he wanted to hang out, since he will be leaving soon. Cute boy #1 says he already has plans, but maybe another day this week. It's cool, right? Then I get a call from a really fun friend of mine, we'll call this one cute boy #2. Cute boy #2 wants to know if I want to come over and watch a movie, so I said yes, since I wasn't doing anything. Literally right after I hung up with him, cute boy #1 calls and says he bailed on his plans because he wants to hang with me... DANG. I couldn't just call cute boy #2 and cancel, so I was so sad! It would just so happen that both cute boys, who are usually busy, want to do something on the same night. Only to me, people, only to me.

On a happier note, there are some slight semblance of blossoms on the trees outside my apartments... YAY! I love warmth. Vegas blood still runs within my veins! Bring on the 110 degree heat!

Oh yeah, and I just watched Jason Castro from American Idol perform Bruda Iz's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"... incredible. I love him, dreads and all. Another thing for you to youtube if you're bored.

Thanks for listening peeps. PEACE

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Jackie said...

okay i understood about 4% of that first part of that post. <3 mark my words, one day you will be one of those super hot sports anchors on those sports channels that all the boys will be so impressed with. you just wait. <3