Monday, March 17, 2008

Word Vomit...

So I decided its time for me to voice some of my opinions. Isn't that what blogging is for after all?


First off, lets address the whole brawl that occurred after the championship game. I personally didn't see any of it, but I heard some awful things. It's unfortunate that something like that had to happen to taint the Rebel's amazing victory, and it's embarrassing that some of our fans would act that way in a winning situation... it's scary to think of how they would react had we lost! However, don't group all of us UNLV fans together. We do have the drunken idiots that ruin well-fought victories like this for all of us, but we do have some quality people who are there for the sole purpose of cheering on the team they love and have loved for years. You're gonna get obnoxious fans wherever you go, BYU included. However, it should never turn into physical violence.

One thing I do think was stupid was putting that wall up. Not only did it take away 500 of the best seats in the house, but it only made the situation MORE dangerous. People are gonna storm the court, it's pretty inevitable. This time they just had to jump over barriers to do it rather than walk down some stairs. We had just won a championship game against a team that we all LOVE to hate, and won an automatic berth into the NCAA tournament, which is ultimately what every team works towards year in and year out. Isn't that the kind of environment you WANT in a championship setting? And can I so lovingly remind those whiners who made the T&M construct the wall in the first place that you all rushed the field just a few months before at the Vegas Bowl? Oh, but that's different, you say... I think not.

Now on to the very tired "home court advantage" argument. Yes, its true that we are very lucky to be playing at the Thomas & Mack. It's an environment we are used to and allows a lot more of our fans to attend. I Agree that although they take all insignias off the court, remove our championship banners (that hurt a little), and make us the visiting team, we still have the upper hand. But you know what? Stop using it as an excuse for your team losing. The thing that I love about sports, specifically college basketball, is that any team can win on any given day. There are no Cinderellas (I love that commercial). Clemson beating Duke. NY Giants beating the Patriots (ugh). UNLV beating Wisconsin. I could go on all day. You want to find an excuse for losing? Try Wink Adam's relentlessness. Rene Rougeau's ability of coming up with ridiculous offensive boards while facing guys 5 inches taller than him. Curtis Terry's Hair. Let's just get over the fact that we are playing at our home floor, because its staying that way for at least the next 2 years. Go check out Boise State for some inspiration... they just beat New Mexico State... in the championship game... on NMSU's home court. See? It's doable.


I love this part of being a UNLV fan, but this cheer was broken out WAAAYYY too much during Saturday's game. Like every 30 seconds. Let's save it for the right moments people.


I wish mine was magically extended to this week. My family will probably go to Omaha without me, just like last year :( Poor me. If anyone would like to sponsor my trip to see the rebs play, I am accepting donations. Otherwise I'll be watching from my tiny tv.

That's all for now...



Dixon Leavitt said...

You make me so proud...

Runyon Family said... are definitely a rebel. You make us ALL proud. I'm getting out of the cold and down to Vegas/Cali! Come join the fun!


Lyssa & Jack Jack said...

haha i love it