Monday, March 31, 2008

random thoughts.

A few things running through my brain...

-I'm kinda disappointed that all four #1 seeds are in the final four! BORING! I took a big chance and put Stanford in my final four... I like those Lopez twins! Jackie and I decided that we will marry them... i get Brook and she gets Robin (she likes his fro). It's either them or the Korver brothers.
-I LOVE MY REBELS! They had a good run. Curtie is my inspiration for life, I'm gonna miss him!
-I get more and more excited for Australia every day! I looked up the Bungy Jumping company online the other day and it looks absolutely TERRIFYING. I'm sure I'll get talked into doing it tho... maybe if me and Joe Darger go tandem? Whoops. Sorry Dad.
-Tonight I watched that Oprah show, the Big Give, and it was really cool. They gave the contestants $100,000 each and they had to give it all away, but they couldn't spend more than $500 on one person and no more than $10,000 at one place. One guy went to a bunch of electronic stores and bought TVs, microwaves, ipods, computers, all sorts of stuff, and then went to a ghetto neighborhood in Miami and knocked on doors and just passed things out to the families. It was so cool... it made me want to do the same thing! The people were so grateful and surprised... I think that would be fun.
-I love my Daddy. He is my best friend and I can tell him anything... and after talking to him, I'm really excited to go check out the Mexico house!
-It SNOWED today. uggghhhh. I hate the snow with a passion. Just last week it was up to like 68 degrees! I guess we have just been spoiled. I'm SO ready for summer.

Hopefully we'll have a more excited post later!


Heather said...

i am with you on the deep hate for snow...why is it still snowing during spring. it is totally time for summer!!!! I am so jealous that you have been up to 68 degrees...we havent gotten past 39 since like october!!!

Keith A. Runyon said...

Who the h*ll lives where it is 39 degrees on 3/31? Heather, you need to move.

Alyssa, you must get aunt Janae on the bungee jump and take alot of video and photos. This is something she has wanted to do her entire life.....and to do it down under... Do you think you jump up go down, jump down and go up? Or not?

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

Um, I think you need to take your Aunt Heidi with you to check out the house in Mexico.....I've never been south of the border!