Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jump On It!

These past couple days have been a blast! On Monday night, Me, Ally, Ciji and Courtney went to the Jazz/Raptors game with some friends. We sat in a box and it was so much fun! Kyle Korver is beautiful. Me and Courtney took to rooting for the Raptors because we felt bad that there was no one there to cheer for them, but the Jazz came through and won the game. We had a great time and discovered that the ESA has fantastic kettle korn!

Tuesday Night we went to this trampoline place called Jump On It. It definitely made for another fun night! As you can see, we took lots of funny pictures and discovered that Ciji is a very talented acrobat! The only bad thing is that I missed American Idol, but I heard it was Beatles night... didn't they just do that last week? Oh well. Go Jason Castro.

I did my brackets today! I love March Madness. I have been getting lots of comments on how obnoxious UNLV fans are... kind of annoying. Anyways, I've got a North Carolina/UCLA final with UNC pulling through! Hopefully I can win me some money in the office pool this year...


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kylee said...

ALyss! Me and my friends were going to go to the trampoline place the other day! Oh my, after seeing your guys's pictures.. now I think it is a must that I go, cause it looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! :)