Saturday, February 23, 2008


I've been tagged by good ole Uncle Keith, so here it goes...

10 Years Ago...

I was 9? Haha... no clue what I was doing! Living next door to the Bowmans and probably just playing a lot! Getting through the 4th grade was probably tough stuff too!

5 Things on my To-Do List Today

It's saturday so I don't have a to-do list! Maybe clean my room cause it's getting pretty bad.

4 Things I would do if I was a Billionaire

1. Buy a really nice pimped out plane so I could travel whenever, wherever
2. Buy an NBA franchise... but put someone else in charge so I wouldn't have to deal with greedy players!
3. Travel to Africa and do what I can to help out there... so many people, so many problems.
4. SHOP!

3 Bad Habits

1. Cracking my knuckles
2. Saying "like" and "you know" a lot!
3. Spending time on facebook/blogs instead of doing homework, cleaning, and all the things I should be doing!

5 Places I've Lived

1. Abanico House in LV- Good times with Barkley the dog.
2. Sienna Mesa House in LV- Best neighbors ever, lots of hockey games and porch nights.
3. Harbor Hills house in LV- my home. Amazing ward and a great house to have friends over!
4. Cedar City UT- yuck.
5. Provo/Orem UT- happy valley, but I can deal with it! Lots to do, lots of people to meet. Living in Utah has taught me a lot and provided me with lots of laughter! I could do without the snow though.

5 Jobs I've Had

1. Dr. Callaway's office- cleaning dental tools and rooms... I liked it.
2. Leavitt Insurance- kind of receptionist/amazing scanner and attacher
3. Ruehl- Got some retail experience and it was fun.
4. Las Vegas Swim Academy- Swim teacher. LOVED it! Got really tan and worked with some cute kids... if you ever need someone to teach your kids to swim, call me up! :)
5. The Mayan- Hostess. And yes, I've heard all the comments about how gross this place has been but FYI we remodeled and have a whole new menu put together by the guy who started Cafe Rio! I get to go up and down four flights of stairs everyday... its fantastic. My calves are rockin.

6 Things People Don't Know About Me

1. I refuse to use matches. I've had too many scarring experiences! I have to use a lighter to light candles and stuff, preferably the really long ones!
2. I'm a Patriots fan, and NOT because of the bandwagon. Four years ago I decided to pick a team in the NFL and stick with it. For the record, I did originally pick them because of Tom Brady's good looks but now I appreciate the football side of them as well :)
3. I'm a VERY picky eater. I won't eat anything that comes from the sea (and yes, I've tried it all) and I like all my burgers plain, as in just meat and buns. All the other stuff just ruins the taste! Also, I think In 'N Out Burger is really overrated... people think I'm crazy for this.
4. I'm addicted to celebrity gossip and magazines! It's a bad habit but I find these people's lives very interesting.
5. I get really annoyed when people take control in my car, like change the song or turn the air down. I hardly EVER give anyone control of the music in my car... its my space and I like to rock out!
6. My dream job would be an anchor for SportsCenter. Gotta give some power to the women out there!

I tag Jackie, because its mostly my family that reads this blog so you don't really know her! She's awesome!

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Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

You and your cousin Zach should go out for hamburgers sometime - he is the same way...meat and bun only!!