Sunday, February 24, 2008

TAGGED part 2

So I guess I've been "tagged" by Alyssa, so here goes..

10 Years Ago...
I was 9 years old, so I was just livin life probably in 4th grade, chasing boys around the playground and eating beef jerky and cheddar fries.

5 Things on My to-do list today...
It's Sunday and I just got home from church so theres not too much on my list for today.. We are watching the Oscars and I will probably clean up my room and study for my Biology test. It's Sunday gimme a break.

4 Things I would do if i was a Billionarie:

1. TRAVEL. I would go to Venice first, then Paris, New York city of course, Australia, Africa, Ecuador, Chile, Russia, Germany (visit my brother there), Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil... i'll just stop now this list could go on and on...

2. I would want to help out with the Darfur genocide going on, because that's ridiculous that it's happening in this day and age. So I would try to help with that.

3. I'd probably give lots of it to charities, because who really needs billions of dollars.

4. I would shop ridiculously. Cars, clothes, houses, tons of pets( i really want a horse). I would definitely spend an obscene amount on clothes.

5. Probably buy stuff for all my friends and family, that's always fun. Then invest the rest.

3 Bad Habits:

1. I probably sleep too much.
2. A ridiculous fear of commitment.
3. I have absoloutley no patience.

5 Places I've Lived:

1. Sandy, Utah- Born there but moved after 2 years.
2. Las Vegas, NV- Been there for 16 years, loved every minute of it, although I begin to doubt my family's choice of location when I try to go anywhere in the summer.
3. Cedar City, UT- First year of college.
4. Orem, UT- Since August, kind of liking it surprisingly.
5. To be decided...

5 Jobs I've had:

1. Secretary for my Dad since I was a little one.
2. Smoothie maker at Tropical Smoothie Cafe during my senior year of high school..
3. Tryin to get one at the moment.. workin on it.

6 Things People don't know about me:

1. I get very concerned about the environment.
2. I am the harshest movie critic.
3. I really enjoy old movies, mostly from the 40s 50s and a little early 6os. KAtharine Hepburn is probably my favorite actress.
4. My favorite color changes just about every month.
5. I go through food phases, last year I had a big frozen fruit and juice phase, and now i'm in a big honey bunches of oats with almonds phase.
6. I'm terrified of cockroaches. Pretty much anything that skitches across the ground.

Well I don't know who to tag because I think everyone who reads our blog has been already, but if you haven't, then i tag you!

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Keith A. Runyon said...

Four things if you were a billionaire, not five.