Monday, February 25, 2008

Reunited and it feels SO good...

We had a blast this weekend! Ciji came up for the weekend and its always a good time when she's around. We also met up with Emily Thorley and Sadie Bunker, who we haven't seen in forever! It was fun to catch up with everyone. We went to the BYU/Stanford mens volleyball game on Friday night. BYU won in five and it was a great game. Jackie learned that Stanford is in California, not on the east coast :) We hung out with some cool guys that Ciji knows and it was a lot of fun. On Saturday, we all hung out again and discovered this AMAZING hole in the wall BBQ place called Smokehouse... they give you tons of food and its so cheap and delicious!

I highly recommend it. Later we went to Brick Oven for dessert cuz our friend Roman works there... it was so good! The pizookies at BJ's are much better tho... man I miss those. We just hung out with friends for the rest of the night. It was such a fun weekend with the girls! I'm so blessed to have great friends. They really lift me up and make me a better person. I love my Vegas girls!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

TAGGED part 2

So I guess I've been "tagged" by Alyssa, so here goes..

10 Years Ago...
I was 9 years old, so I was just livin life probably in 4th grade, chasing boys around the playground and eating beef jerky and cheddar fries.

5 Things on My to-do list today...
It's Sunday and I just got home from church so theres not too much on my list for today.. We are watching the Oscars and I will probably clean up my room and study for my Biology test. It's Sunday gimme a break.

4 Things I would do if i was a Billionarie:

1. TRAVEL. I would go to Venice first, then Paris, New York city of course, Australia, Africa, Ecuador, Chile, Russia, Germany (visit my brother there), Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil... i'll just stop now this list could go on and on...

2. I would want to help out with the Darfur genocide going on, because that's ridiculous that it's happening in this day and age. So I would try to help with that.

3. I'd probably give lots of it to charities, because who really needs billions of dollars.

4. I would shop ridiculously. Cars, clothes, houses, tons of pets( i really want a horse). I would definitely spend an obscene amount on clothes.

5. Probably buy stuff for all my friends and family, that's always fun. Then invest the rest.

3 Bad Habits:

1. I probably sleep too much.
2. A ridiculous fear of commitment.
3. I have absoloutley no patience.

5 Places I've Lived:

1. Sandy, Utah- Born there but moved after 2 years.
2. Las Vegas, NV- Been there for 16 years, loved every minute of it, although I begin to doubt my family's choice of location when I try to go anywhere in the summer.
3. Cedar City, UT- First year of college.
4. Orem, UT- Since August, kind of liking it surprisingly.
5. To be decided...

5 Jobs I've had:

1. Secretary for my Dad since I was a little one.
2. Smoothie maker at Tropical Smoothie Cafe during my senior year of high school..
3. Tryin to get one at the moment.. workin on it.

6 Things People don't know about me:

1. I get very concerned about the environment.
2. I am the harshest movie critic.
3. I really enjoy old movies, mostly from the 40s 50s and a little early 6os. KAtharine Hepburn is probably my favorite actress.
4. My favorite color changes just about every month.
5. I go through food phases, last year I had a big frozen fruit and juice phase, and now i'm in a big honey bunches of oats with almonds phase.
6. I'm terrified of cockroaches. Pretty much anything that skitches across the ground.

Well I don't know who to tag because I think everyone who reads our blog has been already, but if you haven't, then i tag you!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I've been tagged by good ole Uncle Keith, so here it goes...

10 Years Ago...

I was 9? Haha... no clue what I was doing! Living next door to the Bowmans and probably just playing a lot! Getting through the 4th grade was probably tough stuff too!

5 Things on my To-Do List Today

It's saturday so I don't have a to-do list! Maybe clean my room cause it's getting pretty bad.

4 Things I would do if I was a Billionaire

1. Buy a really nice pimped out plane so I could travel whenever, wherever
2. Buy an NBA franchise... but put someone else in charge so I wouldn't have to deal with greedy players!
3. Travel to Africa and do what I can to help out there... so many people, so many problems.
4. SHOP!

3 Bad Habits

1. Cracking my knuckles
2. Saying "like" and "you know" a lot!
3. Spending time on facebook/blogs instead of doing homework, cleaning, and all the things I should be doing!

5 Places I've Lived

1. Abanico House in LV- Good times with Barkley the dog.
2. Sienna Mesa House in LV- Best neighbors ever, lots of hockey games and porch nights.
3. Harbor Hills house in LV- my home. Amazing ward and a great house to have friends over!
4. Cedar City UT- yuck.
5. Provo/Orem UT- happy valley, but I can deal with it! Lots to do, lots of people to meet. Living in Utah has taught me a lot and provided me with lots of laughter! I could do without the snow though.

5 Jobs I've Had

1. Dr. Callaway's office- cleaning dental tools and rooms... I liked it.
2. Leavitt Insurance- kind of receptionist/amazing scanner and attacher
3. Ruehl- Got some retail experience and it was fun.
4. Las Vegas Swim Academy- Swim teacher. LOVED it! Got really tan and worked with some cute kids... if you ever need someone to teach your kids to swim, call me up! :)
5. The Mayan- Hostess. And yes, I've heard all the comments about how gross this place has been but FYI we remodeled and have a whole new menu put together by the guy who started Cafe Rio! I get to go up and down four flights of stairs everyday... its fantastic. My calves are rockin.

6 Things People Don't Know About Me

1. I refuse to use matches. I've had too many scarring experiences! I have to use a lighter to light candles and stuff, preferably the really long ones!
2. I'm a Patriots fan, and NOT because of the bandwagon. Four years ago I decided to pick a team in the NFL and stick with it. For the record, I did originally pick them because of Tom Brady's good looks but now I appreciate the football side of them as well :)
3. I'm a VERY picky eater. I won't eat anything that comes from the sea (and yes, I've tried it all) and I like all my burgers plain, as in just meat and buns. All the other stuff just ruins the taste! Also, I think In 'N Out Burger is really overrated... people think I'm crazy for this.
4. I'm addicted to celebrity gossip and magazines! It's a bad habit but I find these people's lives very interesting.
5. I get really annoyed when people take control in my car, like change the song or turn the air down. I hardly EVER give anyone control of the music in my car... its my space and I like to rock out!
6. My dream job would be an anchor for SportsCenter. Gotta give some power to the women out there!

I tag Jackie, because its mostly my family that reads this blog so you don't really know her! She's awesome!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Carrie = Satan

So Alyssa and I are sitting in church on Sunday listening to a guy from the stake speak, and I have bad news... apparently we need to delete our Carrie Underwood songs! I'm not making this up, he told us that the popular Carrie Underwood song "Before He Cheats", "encourages young women to be violent" and "promotes satanism", and that we need to go through our music and delete the worst of our songs. REALLY? And an example of that is CARRIE UNDERWOOD "BEFORE HE CHEATS"? I understand the concept of listening to good music, but seriously. How about any of the numerous rap songs that mention sex or drugs that are popular today? Nope, we need to get rid of "Before He Cheats", because which is worse, a girl beating up a truck, or a guy rapping about getting it on with a freaky girl in the back seat of the hummer?? Definitely the bitter girlfriend seeking revenge on a cheating boyfriend. I say use your best judgement, because sometimes people can take things a little too far, and I'm almost positive that the Carrie Underwood song "Before He Cheats" does not promote satanism.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rendezvous with Rebs

This week presented itself with a much needed break from the norm. Jessi and Kori came in town with the Rebels on tuesday night, and I joined them downtown for a little sleepover at the hotel. First of all, I love my sisters. Jessi and I talk more when I don't live at home and we are actually much closer apart, as weird as that sounds! I reserve the right to call Kori my sister, considering the fact that she's practically lived at my house and come on every family vacation with us for the past four or so years. Gram even includes her on beach shirts, which is sayin a lot! We hung out and caught up on everything. The funny thing about my sisters is that they crash around 9:00, but by 11, they are ridiculously hyper and loud until about 2 in the AM. I usually get really annoyed with them for this, but it was fun this time around. I got to talk to my good friend Marcus for awhile too, so that was exciting. On Wednesday, we just hung out all day until the game at the U. Dixon drove up and Alec and Tiff came, so it was a fun little family reunion. It turned out to be a weird game... Rebs didn't play bad, but we just couldn't guard Luke Nevill, the Utes 7 footer, for the life of us. It got close in the end, but rebs just couldn't pull it out. It was very entertaining to sit by a pack of Dargers though... literally like 30 of them. Gotta love those polygs. Overall it was a fun couple of days. Jackie came to the game with me and I was so proud of her! Jackie has been converted to a Rebs fan, probably due to the fact that she lives with me. She even watches the games on TV and follows the players and everything. I was so proud of her for getting so into the game yesterday and throwing in comments on how frustrated she was with Luke Nevill... it's huge for her to follow a game that closely! This coming from the girl who has never seen Remember the Titans because it's a "sports movie"... its one of my personal favorites but she refuses! Love ya Jack. Here's some pics from the game...

Even our eyes are Rebel Red!

Us in a nutshell

Okay so funny story... this guy got up in testimony meeting on sunday and bore his testimony about how he got ran over by a snow plow last week and his garments saved him. Very touching story, except HOW DOES ONE GET RAN OVER BY A SNOW PLOW?! First off, they are massive trucks and make a lot of noise. He said he was in a very isolated place and yet he didn't hear or see it coming at him, he just all of a sudden got hit while digging his car out and felt his car move along with himself. I almost fell off the bench laughing... must've been a very traumatic experience for him! Then the same guy goes on to say how he asked this girl to be his girlfriend two weeks ago and then proposed to her last week. Seriously?! Welcome to Utah.