Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rebels and Iranians

Well this is Jackie, Alyssa says I need to write on our blog more so here I am.. we just finished watching One Tree Hill/ American Idol, and now we're watchin the Rebs vs. BYU game! One Tree Hill was good, but we think the hot nanny might be trouble in the future... we were real happy about Nathan and Jamie's dinner for Haley, and Nathan shaved! I was excited about that mostly... and Nathan's confrontation with Dan, very Hills, "I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you." American Idol was also really good. We watched with the roomies and ate cookies, kind of a tradish from last year. I love the horrible singers, especially the guy who sang "Let my peo-ple gooo..." And the "No sex for me!" guy was also a favorite.. Little game update, UNLV is KILLIN! We're playing so fantastic, score is currently 12-28.. Curtey is hittin three's like it's nothin! Also Alyssa has decided to call Lee Cummard "Cummey" now, nice little nickname. She also THREW the remote control at the tv and the batteries flew out.. those of you who know her can probably guess why.. (Good ol' Baldy, with his weird shaped cone-head, whoops!) This is such a good game, everyone is on top of it! So fun little story.. the other day I was in the gym at our apartment complex, doin my thing on the elliptical and there is this kid on the machine next to me and one other guy in the gym a row ahead of us on another elliptical. He is older looking, Iranian, and wearing regular street clothes, and going sooooo slow on the machine... this would all be okay if he wasn't also sneaking little glances back at me and the kid next to me! Every couple minutes he would so conspicuously look back at us, and it's not like the gym is big and he has lots of places to look, it's pretty dang obvious he's just looking at us.. and in a real creepy leering way too.. So one time he does it and I look straight back at him so he knows I'm not oblivious to his creepiness and he just looks in a creepy grinny way and it doesn't phase him! He did this the entire time me and the kid were there, whether I was on the elliptical or streatching on the floor or whatever.. I had to leave earlier than I wanted to because I was so creeped out! Gross. Well that's about all I have to say, gotta get back to watching the game! GO REBS!


Runyon Family said...

Lyssa...Love the blog. Go rebs!!!!!!!!!

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

We found your blog today thru a link on Dixon's. It will be fun reading about your lives up in Utah!!