Friday, January 4, 2008

Oh hey!

So... we decided to enter into the blogging world because I (Alyssa) get extra credit in my english class for having one, and I just couldn't do it alone... enter Jackie, my BFF slash roomie.

So yeah... that's us, but hopefully you already know that and aren't some creeper reading about our very interesting lives. We both go to UVSC, we're both 19, and we both enjoy candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach. I work at the Mayan in Sandy while Jackie stays home and cooks... and no, we are not a les couple, just to clarify. In fact, Jackie acquired a man just last night! Yay for the two day anniversary. I am very single and VERY ready to mingle, hint hint if you know of anyone to set me up with, I'm all for that :) We pretend to be social, but our weekends often consist of trips to sonic and random excursions to Wal-mart in our pajamas. Speaking of, the only time we ever get cat calls is when we're walking through our apartment complex in sweats... what does that even mean?! We've come to the conclusion we are never getting dressed up again. Lately Jackie has to drive me everywhere because I injured my poor little vue about a month ago...

Sad huh? She should be healed soon. Life without a car sucks, but of course we enjoy the extra bonding time! So hopefully our lives will be pretty exciting to read about, but if not, I still get the extra credit, so its a win-win! Check back for more later.


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Keith A. Runyon said...


You guys are fly. Lotta shizzle. I like hit.

Next time you come down here in your hizzy, bring me a big dollar bling to go with Raoul. Find me one of those okay? I will pay you back...."respect!" (and i justed flipped my hands/wrist down like the black guys to it when they say "respect.") I thought I did a pretty good job.
Your Fav Uncle.